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Bear Creek Wheated Bourbon Whiskey

1oz $10 - 2oz $14

Shortly after we began barreling what would become BCD Straight Bourbon we decided to barrel a second bourbon using our original bourbon recipe but replacing the dark rye in the mash bill with whole wheat. By no means an original idea but we're glad we tried it and we think you'll be glad we did as well. BCD Wheated Bourbon is fermented and distilled with the same care as our Straight Bourbon but is then matured in 30 gallon American white oak barrels. Once hatched our Wheated Bourbon holds a dark mahogany color, and the aromas of vanilla, oak and caramel. On the palate it is slightly sweet with flavors of caramel and fruit followed with a smooth bourbon finish.

ABV: 45%
Proof: 90

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