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Bosscal Mezcal Joven

1oz $10 - 2oz $14

Bosscal Company, as most passionate Mezcaleros, will always adhere to a true artisanal operation using no chemicals or alteration methods. Bringing to the world, a product that is forever young, 100% organic, preindustrial and of superior quality. All the four classical elements of earth: water, fire and air combine with the ether just above the Durango sky to help create the liquid gold that we call Bosscal. As a premium Mountain to Market durangensis mezcal from an underrepresented state, our vision is to pave the way for agave spirits from all 26 states of Mexico, not just the 8 that currently have achieved the designated Nominaccion (NOM) of origin.

There are currently eight States that have the Denomination of Origin (DO), and its main producers are the Mexican States of Oaxaca, Guerrero, Tamaulipas and Durango. The deliciously traditional drink is made from the fermentation of the maguey sap & its natural sugars, which result from the cooking process applied to the agave hearts. The word Mezcal comes from the Nahuatl word "Mexcalli" which is divided into two words: "Metl-maguey" and "Izcalli-cooked," which combined translate to "cooked maguey". It is thought that well over 20 types of mezcal are currently being produced in Mexico.

ABV: 42%
Proof: 84

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