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Cadenhead Glen-Grant Glenlivet 16 Year

1oz $23 - 2oz $34

WM Cadenhead was founded in 1842 and is arguably Scotland's oldest independent bottler. Today, the company operates out of Campbeltown — the one time Whisky capital of the world — and owns stores in several major European cities. When WM Cadenhead decide to champion a certain dram it really means something in the Whisky world. For this bottling, it is Glen Grant — they use the old name "Glen Grant - Glenlivet" since when the Whisky was distilled the Glen Grant was still inseparably tied to Glenlivet.

Glen Grant distillery was founded by brothers John and James Grant. They became "legal" in 1840. A bit of trivia: Glen Grant was the first distillery with electricity. James Jr., who took over after his father, was a man of ideas and innovation. One of those was incorporating taller, narrow stills and purifiers to improve the quality of the Whisky. The stills gave a lighter, grainy character to their Single Malt and it helped define a Speyside dram.

WM Cadenhead know their Whisky and they haven't missed the mark with this pick either. Noted Whisky professionals speak nothing but praise. The dram is lacking in certain aspects, but at the final judgement is unanimous — the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Whiskyfun proclaimed it as grand and grand it truly is. If you manage to get your hand on one of the rare bottles we suggest you do so — your taste buds will appreciate it.

Region: Speyside

ABV: 54.1%

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