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Deerhammer Port Cask Finish

1oz $11 - 2oz $16

A selection of our finest 2 year matured American Single Malt whiskey was harvested from their 'heavy toast / light char' new oak barrels and transferred to a range of ex-port wine casks — including ruby, tawny and Colorado port-style. Left to continue their high-altitude maturation, this whiskey remained in ex-port casks to build complexity for an additional 1-2 years.

The resulting whiskey is characterized through robust layers of stone fruit, baking spices, and dark chocolate, which sublimely compliment the existing complexity of our mainstay American Single Malt whiskey. 

1,800 Bottles will be available throughout Colorado for the 2021 release. Subsequent annual bottlings will be released every February.

ABV: 50%
Proof: 100

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