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Joseph Magnus Cigar Blend

1oz $28 - 2oz $42

Artfully blended to enjoy with a fine cigar. A combination of award-winning Joseph Magnus Bourbon and 13 to 20-year-old whiskeys to assume bold, rich aromas of tobacco, spice, leather, vanilla, blanched almonds, and toffee. The Armagnac cask finish lends fruity notes of fig, prune, and dried apricot.

"Conversion" is the heftiest, highest proof, and hardest hitting batch of Cigar Blend Bourbon to date. The nose is extremely intense, with classic bourbon notes of vanilla bean and salted caramel, touches of a dark fruit Armagnac finish and a truly international all-star cast of aromas and flavors: Pruneau d'Agen, Jamaican jerk seasoning with grated lime and orange citrus, Seville orange marmalade, Jewish Sephardic charoset with date, dried figs stuffed with bleu cheese, Medjool dates, almonds, and orange blossom paste, English Christmas cake with brandy sauce, and Virginia-grown pipe tobacco. Batch #33 is guaranteed to convert even the most skeptical among bourbon believers, with a lengthy finish steeped in brown baking spices and stewed prunes. Sláinte! 

ABV: 63.51%
Proof: 127.02

Batch: #33

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