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Kilkerran Heavy Peat

1oz $17 - 2oz $25

Bottled on April 6th, 2021, almost a full year later than batch # 3, which came from March 2020. The youthfulness slowly wears off, it has been hanging around for a long time in the finish. If you like the Kilkerran HP in general, you definitely can't go wrong with it here.

The power that he has only manifests itself in a warmth that spreads comfortably on the tongue. Warm (caramelized) smoke that does not tend towards Islay, but has its own character together with the Campbeltown minerality that hits at the same time. Salt water wetted pebbles, apricots, dried peaches. Caramel (again: a lot!), Honey, coffee with milk, marzipan.

Region: Campbleton

ABV: 58.6%

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