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La Adelita Extra Anejo

1oz $18 - 2oz $27

Aging: 48 months average in second-use American Oak whiskey barrels
- The barrels are re-toasted in Mexico, medium toast
Color: Crisp Amber-Golden, deep silky legs in the glass.

Tasting Notes: Following succulent waves of honeyed heather, sassafras, marzipan, and apricot nectar, flavors of sweet milk chocolate and white-peppered orange blossom arouse the palate. A continuing fragrance envelops the senses for a memorable Cognac-like sipping experience.

Literally from the point of crop selection, making sure the finest piñas are selected for the production process - to the mash & distillation process - the careful preservation of the spirit distillate until the tequila is matured to perfection - the careful bottling process - EVERY step is focused on the point where the tequila hits the glass - an immense amount of time and effort is put into creating this unique spirit for your enjoyment. It displays complex characteristics on its own or neat, but is also designed for some of the most superb cocktail recipes and experiments that one can think of.

Regardless, the end product isn't the tequila, it's your enjoyment. In fact, every step, every minute, and every bit of labor that goes into that glass is one hundred percent designed to put a smile on your face!

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