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1oz $7 - 2oz $11

MEZCAL distilleries are called Palenques and Agave is also known as Maguey. 

Our Rustico Joven (un_aged) comes from Matatlan. Puntagave is produced in small lots, with each bottle hand corked.

Most consumers, agave is best known in the form of tequila — essentially a more industrialized form of mezcal, localized in a few specific appellations of Mexico (though, of course, there is artisan, terroir-driven tequila, just not much of it.

PUNTAGAVE RUSTICO Mezcal is produced using a more ancient form of distillation that has retained deep ties to indigenous cultures across the country. Most traditional Mezcals are made from Agave Espadin like ours. Mezcal traditionally has a unique, smoky flavor that makes it fairly easy to distinguish from tequila. It also tends to taste sweeter, richer, and smoke-filled than tequila.

The biggest difference between tequila and mezcal is that when tequila is made, the agave head is baked mainly in autoclaves or in an above-ground oven. PUNTAGAVE Mezcal follows the traditional method of using underground pits. A fire is started and burns for about 24 hours to heat the volcanic stones that line the pit. The agave heads are put into the pit and then covered with moist fiber that is left over from the fermentation process. A layer of agave leaves or woven palm leaves cover the fibers and the agave heads are left to cook two to three days.

ABV: 42%
Proof: 84

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