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Purpose Rye

1oz $12 - 2oz $18

We curated this Rye just before the distillery opened, and decided to run an experiment to inform our own whiskey production process. We split the 100 barrels worth of identical rye (same mash bill, same equipment, same barrel entry proof) into two groups- 24 barrels were aged in DC in Kelvin Cooperage barrels, and 76 were laid down in KY in Independent Stave Company barrels.

5 long years later and we have been amazed by the results. Both aging conditions produced a delicious whiskey, but they are fraternal twins at best! If you want to learn about the impact different barrels and aging conditions have on a whiskey, pick up a bottle from barrels 1-24, and another from barrels 25-100 which will be out in the future.


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