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Siete Leguas Anejo

1oz $12 - 2oz $18

Great luminosity of yellow hues with full-bodied golden reflections. Subtle scents of slowly-cooked agave mingle with delicate oak notes in the full aroma of its maturity after 24 months of loving care

Features some sweet and fruit flavors very light like maple syrup flavors, coffee, chocolate, vanilla, some nuts like raisins, prunes, orange, peach, quince and red fruits like cherries and blueberries, from the barrels. The flavor of the cooked agave lingers together with the harmony of very light flavors of spices like cinnamon and cloves and the freshness subtle herbs such as peppermint, peppermint and chamomile.

In the aftertaste it is persistent, without losing the flavors, even after a while prolonged having tasted the tequila, the presence of the flavor of the dried and red fruits and the flavors sweets given by the wood of the barrels, without losing the flavor of the cooked agave.

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