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Whistle Pig Home Stock Whiskey

1oz $12 - 2oz $18

Blended Together, While Apart. This year's blend is the result of an experiment to celebrate life and lift spirits in the unprecedented time of social distancing. Fans blended three types of whiskey from the comfort and safety of their homes, shared their perfect blend, and then came together as a community online to taste and vote for the final recipe.

The first crowd-sourced whiskey blended live by thousands of fans. A unique blend of 4 year old Rye Whiskey and 5 year old Wheat and Barley whiskeys, delivering a light, gentle sweetness to balance WhistlePig's signature bold Rye spice style. Perfect for summer sipping or with a home cooked meal.

Mash Bill: 45% Rye, 30% Wheat 25% Barley

ABV: 43%
Proof: 86

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